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Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member

Sherry Chan is the Chief Strategy Officer for Atidot, a Series B funded insurtech startup that utilizes AI to create new opportunities for life insurance companies across the value chain.  Sherry has over 20 years of actuarial experience, having served as Chief Actuary for the City of New York and the State of Ohio. As New York City’s Chief Actuary, she provided technical expertise to the City’s five retirement systems and pension funds with approximately 800,000 participants and nearly $275 billion of assets, certified the $10 billion annual required pension contributions, and oversaw a City agency with a professional staff who has decades of experience in and out of City service.  Sherry is currently the Vice President - Pension for the American Academy of Actuaries, an Executive Committee and Board member position. Sherry obtained both her Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Mathematics and her Executive MBA from The Ohio State University. She established the University’s first actuarial endowment, the Sherry S. Chan Actuarial Endowment, and is a member of their College of Arts & Science Dean’s Advisory Committee.  Sherry is also a registered yoga instructor and occasionally spends her time on the golf course hoping to break her current, personal record of 97.

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